Monday, March 29, 2010

SleepyME: WannaME's deep too...

Before I turn in for the night, after a long day of wanting. I figured I'd do a precursor of some posts to come.  WannaME isn't just about the crafts. WannaME has other, deeper interests as well. Like art. Now I don't really know anything about art. I just like stuff that grabs my attention. If I come across something that makes me want to stop and take a second look, well I take a second look.

One such painting is The Tree of Life. I just came across this piece a few months ago. But I F'Luv it. All the lovely swirls, it's all me. So I wanna learn more about Gustav Klimt. And one day maybe get a copy of one of his works. That shall be my mission for tomorrow. Of course only after I've finished working or on my lunch break. Sure. That is all. Sweet Dreams.


  1. oooh..I love this piece..I shall have to go see where I can find a cheap replica for le office!

  2. Yeah um Sunny, did you not see that big sign on that site that says it's closing in like 2 days? R.I.F. man R.I.F.