Monday, March 1, 2010

SleepyME: 3/1/10 11:32pm

Most nights, just before I take my glasses off and call it a nite I check my iPhone one last time. Tuck in FB & Twitter. Make sure gmail & yahoo are bedbug and spam free. And weather channel & local news so I can ponder the morning's wardrobe selection while I sleep.
Well tonight I add what I hope will be a habit. Reflections on the day. Hopes for tomorrow. My nightly prayer is generally the same as it's always been. Please lord watch over us tonight. See us through another day. Please let it be free of drama, stress, anxiety. Please let me BE.
Today I was so exited for all the possibilities that await this site. Spent hours researching. I hope the momentum continues so that I can see the ideas in my head manifest into reality.
bedtime philosophy: tonight it's deep. tomorrow it's HUH?!?! Goodnite. SleepyME

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  1. It does get easier to stop thinking about what you want to do with the site when you finally settle on a great theme, idea, etc, but until then, it's so much fun to think about all the possibilities! Can't wait to see where you go!