Sunday, March 28, 2010

CraftyME: Introducing....

Yeah I think the addict that is CraftyME has spawned a new identity. For now we shall call her Ooo I WannaME. As in "ooo I wanna make that" or "ooo I wanna go there" or "ooh I wanna buy that".  OiwME or maybe even just WannaME for short.
So WannaME is a busy gal. I didn't even get outta bed before she spotted something and thought "ooo I wanna make that."  Today's entry was found by way of yesterday' new discovery Grumperina's blog. The original site is actually one that's on my TTDL of sites to explore, Purl Bee.
 Isn't that pretty. I so wanna make that. And I dont even sew. Or Embroider. But I wanna make that.
Le sigh. ME

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