Thursday, March 4, 2010

CraftyME: Urgh Being a Grownup sux....

So, I've finally completed a big-girl knitting project. The world famous Clapotis shawl from Knitty by way of Ravelry (RAV). I am so proud of me. This is a big shawl. Way bigger than the hats and fingerlings and dishcloths that my newer-knitter skills have completed. But it's only a big-girl project, not a grownup one.

 The reason it's not a grownup is because of the yarn. Its redheart shhhh. In my defence, it's red heart soft and not supersaver. Not that good ol s.s. doesnt have its place in the world. Some of my earliest, most used blankets were crocheted w/s.s. Anyways, about midway through the Clap I made myself a promise. If I completed it and by the Ravelempics deadline, I would go to the LYS and actually buy some Grownup yarn.  And I would make another because I loved the pattern.

So, finish my Clap I did. And purchase my LYS yarn I did as well. Although I slightly cheated and brought the yarn 2 days before I finished. Hey we had yet another snowstorm so LYS was having a 1 day only snowday sale. You would have cheated too. 
 Unfortunately my wallet is not as growed up as my knitting skills are becoming. Even w/ 20% off I could only buy 3 balls of the yarn as opposed to the 8 skeins TheClap requires. That's ok I knew I'd find something else to make. And today I did. Again thanks to RAV and Knitty, I've decided to tackle.....Citron.

Another growed up pattern using my growed up yarn. But.....
I'm sad.  Even though I waited ALLL day to finish work before I caston, I have to be a grownup. Dont wanna but I must. I must go downstairs, fold the clothes in the dryer, put in the ones in the wash and add another one. And I have to wash the stupid dishes too. Then and only then can I obtain a hit of my new drug, Knitting.  Being a grownup sux.....


  1. i will buy my own supply of yarn. i need two more of those scrubby things.

  2. oh and craftyme is talking it take it. and i like this pewter background