Monday, March 1, 2010

HappyME: March 1 6am-ish

March 1 6am-ish
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So this was the scene I stepped outside to find this morning. Yeah so what's so special about it, one may ask. Well, I'll tell you. This scene made my day. You see, normally when I leave out of my house to go to work @ 6am-ish, it's dark. Like barely dawn dark. Last week I noticed that I didn't have to turn on my highbeams on the back road to work. But after being snowed in and working from home the past 3-4 days, I really noticed the change. And @ 6:30am when I'm pulling up to work it was real live daytime out. (although i was pulling up to WaWa's for my coffee instead of clocking in, but hey I was only 15 mins late)

And as if my day wasn't already a little brighter, it's the first day of MARCH. A month that contains several of my favorite holidays including the Ides of March (Beware!), St Patrick's Day ( I'm selfproclaimed Irish, Jamaican-Irish to be exact) AND THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!! So yes even though I'm from CT and have seen it snow the last weekend in APRIL, I had a whole lotta pep in my step today. Because Winter your days are numbered. Soon temps will rise and trees will bud. Then you, the Hawk, and good ol' PhillyGasWorks can kick rocks!!!!!!

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  1. I got my coat of arms ready, time to start singing danny boy. time to put on graphic tees and sneaks or for you something red and with feet out. time to roam the city and drink at strange bars. time for baseball. time to hug strange white men. lets hear it for spring