Monday, May 10, 2010

RememberME: Memory Mondays.....the 80s

  Let's start with a belated Happy Mother's Day to all for whom this is applicable. Hope you all felt loved and appreciated. Now let's get down to business. Today is Memory Monday. And I don't want it to be always about remembering a lost loved one. Sometimes you just wanna think about the good ol' days. So from time to time RememberME is gonna take a stroll down memory lane. Join me, won't you?
   So a friend recently posted on FB that her daughter's homework assignment was to ask a parent what they liked and disliked about the eighties. Dude I may have been made in '77 but I'm a child of the 80's. And since it was such a wonderful time to be a kid, there is no way I could list EVERYthing I loved about them.  So here's a couple to get us started. Back in my day.......

   Back in my day, I loved......JELLIES!  Best shoes evah. Second only to Skippies. In the summer, jellies were an indication of how good a play day it was. There was nothing like taking off your jellies and having dirt stencils on your feet in the pattern of the shoe. They did have a down side though. Getting a rock stuck in the heel made for a very uncomfortable walk home.

   Back in my day, I loved......SLOUCHY TWO COLOR SOCKS! You know the ones I'm talking about. The super extra thick ones that made you look like you had cankles for days. Oh yeah. You could get really creative with it and mix em up. Yo, how did our feet not spontaneously combust?

     Back in my day, I hated.... TINTED LENSES! Ok so, what I begged my dad to let me get purple tinted lenses. He didn't have to let me get em. Or the pink ones neither. And seriously did they have to make the frames so big?

    Back in my day, I hated.... JERI CURLS! So did not want. But that was one I had no choice in. Like every woman in my family got it., my mom, my gram, me, everyone. WHYYYYYY?!? Not a good look at all. With or without the plastic cap. 

 Put it all together and what do you get? Jellies, slouch socks, tinted lenses, jeri curls?...........

A Hot mess! Enjoy the smiles

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