Sunday, May 2, 2010

CraftyME: Hey Ma Look what I made!!

   I woke up this sweltering morning in kind of a CraftyME mood. Now you would think I woulda picked up some knitting after spending all day Saturday surrounded by yarny goodness. Nah. I knew I was going to knit group later. I'm still stuck on this idea of sewing and quilting. But since WannaME lost her everlovin mind at MDSW yesterday and spent the craft budget for the next xyz# months, who knows when I'll get to start quilting.
 But I was pretty smart on Friday after my doctor's appointment.  I went down to Spool fabric store to do some browsing on my day in the city. I ohh'd and ahh'd over all the pretty fabric choices. I found yet another type of quilt to be obsessed over. Kaffe Fassett inspired quilts such as this one created by Sunnysidey.

Thankfully I was overwhelmed with all the variety and I didn't want to tap into the $$ I set aside for Saturday. So I just bought a couple of KF fat quarters to make a bag that WannaME's been eyeballing.

 So this morning I dove in. The Buttercup bag pattern looked simple enough. HA HA HA yeah right. Somewhere along the line I forgot that I can barely sew in a straight line. At least my cutting straightened up a little.  Still I trudged through. I was finishing this damn thing. TODAY. 3 hrs or so later. Ta dah!!!! My first full on sewing FO.

Go ME. Go ME. Kaffe Fassett quilts I'm coming for you......

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