Monday, July 19, 2010

RememberME: Memory Mondays....Birthday wishes from Heaven.....

Hello My Friends.  I am happy. Really happy today. Why? Because it's my birthday and I just got the best gift EVAH!!!!! No it wasn't the new Iphone or new shoes or cake.  Nope WannaME didn't get that. lol. It was even better. Yes, a rainy dreary Monday evening made my whole day wonderful.

I was sitting here randomly clicking around the net when something told me to look outside. And when I did, I saw the most beautiful, colorful, brightest rainbow I've ever seen. And not just 1 but 2.

And in that moment, all I could feel was that my Daddy and big brother Jamie were smiling down from HEAVEN and wishing me a Happy Birthday!

And it made me smile.

And it made me want to dance barefoot in the rain.

And I felt so much love.

And it was good.

I hope you all get a chance to feel the happiness of dancing in the rain on a hot summer day, watching rainbows.

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