Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TouristyME…Phila MoA.

So I am such a tourist.  No matter where I go I'm like "wow look at that" or "oooo that is so cool". But the thing is, I never really go anywhere. I'm such a homebody. Mostly it's not by choice. Limited funds and limited childcare options tend to leave me house bound. WannaME is generally left to whine," I wanna go outside. I wanna go somewhere, I wanna do something.'" Blah blah blah.
Right about the same time that I realized that I should be blogging, I also realized that I should be doing things too. I had to make the decision that regardless of what was going on in my life, that I needed to live the life that I've been given.  Somewhere I came across a saying that I would adopt as yet another motto. "DON'T LET WHAT YOU CANNOT DO INTERFERE WITH WHAT YOU CAN DO"  Yes, MiniME requires alot and because of this there is a lot that I can't do. But this doesn't mean that I always have to do nothing. So I'm giving myself permission to take at least one weekend day a month to go do SOMETHING. ANYTHING… Even if I have to do it alone. Heck sometimes I want to do it alone, just so I can prove I can. 
Now I've lived in Philly for going on 10 years now. We relocated here from Connecticut so that MiniME could be treated @ CHOP( Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) since they were the ones who diagnosed her BT. In the 10yrs that I've lived here,  WannaME has longingly looked at all the touristy locals with deep sighs.  My other half and friends grew up here. These places represent boring school field trips to them. So I've never had anyone to go with me.  Well, no longer! I'm out! I'm gonna take advantage of all that my city offers. That and take advantage of being a Bank of America customer. They offer a program called Museums on Us, free admissions the first weekend of every month.
My first excursion was to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was one of the first spring-like Saturday afternoons and I had an amazing time. Now TouristyME fancies herself to be a photographer. So I had to give myself a photo-journalism mission. As I don't know thing to first about art, I decided to just photograph textures and things that caught my eye.

Oh yeah, although I am TouristyME I was only being a pseudo-tourist. No running up the Rocky stairs or posing like the statue. 
As this post is already super long, I won't go into detail. Let's just say I really enjoyed it and look forward to having and sharing  more touristy excursions. 

Click click, ME


  1. Love (love, love) your style -- all of the MEs!

    Good for you for getting out and DOING! Woo-hoo and ye-haw, girl!

  2. Go you!
    The Art Museum looks fabulous. Love your texture shots. I often go out to galleries by myself and love it. I occasionally go on guided tours and that can be a great way of meeting people. Haven't braved going solo to the movies yet but I will.
    I admire your resolve. =)

  3. Great pics. The museum definitely looks fabulous! I think you deserve weekends just for yourself, enjoy!

  4. I think it's great to be a tourist in your own city. If you ever want company, let me know...