Monday, April 12, 2010

RememberME: Memory Monday....Gram

So, I recently posted the picture of TheKid on FaceBook. My sister commented on how much TheKid looks like our grandmother. Now this isn't a newsflash or anything I mean TheKid looks just like ME, I look just like my mom, and my mom looks just like my Gram. But while TheKid is my MiniME, it really is eerie how much she favors her G-Gram. She even acts just like her. Here they are together, about 7yrs ago.
Now I'm sitting here QA'ing away, being mostly good WorkME (shh). But I got to thinking how much I miss my Gram. I am one of the last generations that grew up with grandmothers who were 2nd mom's. Not these newfangled ones of today. I lived w/my Gram and mom until I went to college. Most of my life lessons were learned in her kitchen. Heck my most memorable asswhippings were from her hands.

I don't want to get all verclempt or however you spell it, my yiddish isn't that great. So rather than go into a bunch of tales this time around, I will simply proclaim Mondays as Memory Monday. And this first one is dedicated to you Ms Dorothy Lee Hogg Folkes! Gone but not forgotten.

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