Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WatchME: Epi1- CraftyME Welcomes You


  1. You are so cute and very talented. I did want to grab the mittens and hat and hold them still though.

  2. Watching this brought a sustained smile to my face for a solid 1/2 hour! Brought me right back to the late night crafty chatter we shared after a fun day at Camp. Thanks for putting yourself out 'here' and for making yourself available as a friend in my head ;)

  3. Great job Dorian! Wonderful first show! Your project bag is super cute.

    I'd love to subscribe. Please send out a tweet if you decide to put your show up on iTunes.

    BigAshDog on Rav & Twitter

  4. Dorian, you did a great job. You are a natural podcaster. Your voice is fine and I think you look adorable.

    I think you are an AMAZING knitter. I really loved the cabled sweater.

    You made me laugh out loud several times, especially when you admired yourself in the hat and when you said you want real friends, not just the ones in your head. ;)

    I am a new podcaster too, and I was also nervous on my first episode. I am sure we will get more used to it over time. (I hope so anyway!)

    Keep up the good work!!!

  5. I loved your sweater. I bet it looks amazing on--you should wear it for us!

    I do the same thing in my head about opening an etsy shop. I've NEVER dyed anything, but I've planned it enough times!! The bag is amazing too. I just made a bag and sewed a pin into it. Oops. I'm going to keep trying, though. I need to fill my imaginary etsy shop!!