Sunday, January 30, 2011

SimplyME: An Update...or Should I Say Recap...

So... It has definitely been a minute since my last post of any real substance. Oh the plans I had for posts. I have all of my pics for a TouristyME trip to CT and Stitches East 2010. And I did some research for a Touristy/HungryME expedition. CraftyME was working up a storm. WannaME was busy too. WorkME had some big exciting changes. Oh the other plans life had for me instead.
 But alas, WoeIsME got her arse kicked by the tail end of 2010. While I am generally a perpetual passenger of the Emotional Rollercoaster of life, this was a whole new level of rollercoasterdom. Honestly, with all the issues and drama surrounding me, there was no way I could have written anything that anyone else would want to read. And toss the holidays into the mix, yeah I wouldn't want to be responsible for destroying anyone else's yuletide merriment, or worse.
The biggest drama of all was experienced by MommyME. MiniME's health took a drastic decline around mid-November. We spent an unexpected 2 weeks in the hospital, getting out Thanksgiving Eve. MiniME just became more and more lethargic and unresponsive. She stopped talking, eating drinking, swallowing, and was unable to move her right arm. Doctors had no clue as to why, and could only attribute it to the years of treatment and subsequent brain damage she has developed thanks to Charlie the brain tumor and his friends. She also developed a pretty persistent blood infection that reeked all kinds of havoc. They finally got it under control and sent us home for a week and a half.
We came back in at the beginning of Dec to get a feeding tube placed. That surgery went super easy because she had had one placed when she first came out of the coma. They were able to just use the old incisions. It was after the surgery that things got "interesting." MiniME began having really bad, atypical seizures. Now we have dealt with small seizures since she was in the coma. These however were way bigger and more intense than the little staring spells she had. Oh yeah and she would stop breathing when she had them. Needless to say, we were calling CHOP home until they were able to get them under control. That took another 3 weeks, with us coming home Christmas Eve.
 Oh yeah, did I mention that WorkME had some exciting changes? Yeah I still had to find a way to work during all of this, #darnmenotbeingindependentlywealthy! So the Tuesday before Thanksgiving my boss drops a bombshell in my lap. They had fired the trainer the previous Friday and had a new class of 8 people starting Monday. She reallllllly wanted me to be to step in as the interim trainer. So much so that she would work around whatever schedule changes I needed due to MiniME's condition. Call me crazy, but I said yes. I knew that WorkME needed a change, because it had gotten pretty bad there. And seriously with all of the WoeIsME life suckage and MiniME's health suckage, if the WorkME suckage didn't get better, let's just say I would have feared for my own sanity/life. 
  I would sleep at the hospital most nights. In the morning I would go to work, try to paste on the 8.5hr smile. Some days were harder than others. I would barely make it to my car before the weight of the world came crashing down and I burst into tears for the ride back to the hospital. Then I would suck it up and well, lather rinse repeat as they say. But you know what, having the distraction of WorkME and CraftyME (we'll talk about that in another post) was what I needed to prevent me from falling completely down into that rut.
 We came home from the hospital and eventually MiniME was able to return to her wonderful special needs school that has been a GOD send. She has made some improvements. She's trying to move that right arm a little bit. And she has been trying to get a couple of words out here and there. We have just had to learn to adjust to version 4.0 of MiniME. Right now, things are stable and status quo. And sometimes that's all you can ask for.
 Like I said with all of this stuff going on, I just wasn't in a blogging place. Although I had nothing but time on my hands some days sitting at the hospital. Heck I had to fight to keep my CraftyME mojo on some of those days. But as things are getting better. And as it is a new year and a new day, I hope to be back on a more regular basis. CraftyME has sooooo much to share. There were some spots of sunshine and you guys know that CraftyME is always there to save the day. I hope I haven't lost the 2 readers I had lol. And I hope to add more to the mix. Stay tuned for the CraftyME tales. After I do some laundry and write these darn reviews. Can I say again,  #darnmenotbeingindependentlywealthy!

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