Sunday, February 28, 2010

CraftyME: Lightbulb moment Sunday @Panera's

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Today, CraftyME was LuckyME. I got to spend like 3 hours chilling and knitting @Panera's. I was trying to finish my largest knit project to date, the CLAPOTIS for the Ravelympics. So while enjoying my coffee and brocolli cheddar soup bowl (yummo), I had a great idea.
Lately I've been thinking about my poor little oft-neglected blog. I so want to be a blogger. I want to share the shenannigan's that go on in my brain. But I can never figure out who I want to be in this blog. Which me to share as it may be. My crafty side or my crazy side. My happy go-lucky side or the dark depressed side. Surely people who share my love of knitting and crocheting don't want to be brought down by my forlorn woe-is me side. So alas I don't blog.
But today I realized, dude I don't have to choose. Why should I? If I did it would be a lie. If I made a oh look at my happy knits blog, it would have like 3 entries. Today I realized that I could just be me, just like I've always wanted. I dont have to choose 1, I'll just share them all. Whoever is present at the moment, that's who will share. It just might work.
So here we go! Again! Yes, I'm gonna try it again. Let's see how far we get this time around. I make no promises, I make no guarantees. But as they say if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?...... IDK but I'm just gonna keep on trying keep on BEing. ME (CraftyME)


  1. i hope you stick with it... it's become a love of mine... and one of the great things about it is you can do it however you want! your own rules. awesome. :)

  2. Sunny...I got you this week. as soon as i finish getting the basics of this thing set up. you do know that you will be ja-fakin when you wear it right? lol